Now that few people give formal parties dinner jackets have become the preserve of corporate functions.Unsurprisingly few of us are sufficiently inspired by such humdrum events to worry much about what we wear.

A wedding, however, calls for rather more effort and the ultimate dinner jacket, of course, is a bespoke dinner jacket. This brings a world of options into play, from the fundamental choices between midnight blue and black cloth and a double or single breasted jacket, to more subtle ones involving jetted or flapped pockets, satin or grosgrain facing, and peak lapels or a shawl collar.

All of these things are correct, what separates them is an appetite for timeless style, which would be satiated with a single or double-breasted jacket in black with jetted pockets, no vents and grosgrain facing on the lapels, or a wish for a more contemporary look, which would take the form of a lean and rather short midnight blue jacket with a shawl collar, and slim flat-fronted trousers.

Either way there’s nothing better to wear with a dinner jacket than a white piqué-fronted evening shirt with a turn-down collar, and a proper black bow-tie in the same kind of silk as the facing on the lapels. Finish the outfit with a pair of long black socks in fine wool or cotton, a snowy white linen pocket square and a pair of highly polished black whole-cut shoes, ideally with silk shoelaces.

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