Most bespoke tailors offer a made to measure (MTM) option but what is the actual difference between bespoke and MTM? MTM costs significantly less than full bespoke – this much is clear, but are you getting a significantly lesser quality suit if you opt for MTM?

Not really, MTM retains many of the high quality elements of a full bespoke suit which can be summarised as follows;

Both Bespoke & MTM

  • Choose the colour, weight & pattern of cloth from the hundreds of high quality cloth swatches on a tailor’s shelves.
  • The customer is measured by the tailor
  • Your own choice of pockets, vents, lapels, buttons, button holes, pleats, linings
  • A second fitting where you try on the finished suit.

The major difference between MTM and Bespoke is that with MTM, the suit cloth is cut to a particular tailor’s house style or ‘block’ and then adjusted for figuration and size.

A bespoke suit on the other hand, will always follow an individual pattern – kept in the classic brown paper roll for future use – and due to the individual measurements, will take longer to cut, make and finish.

Bespoke only

  • More detailed measurements taken by the tailor for a more precise fit.
  • A customer pattern is made for future reference.
  • Three fittings – rough baste, pocket baste then finished suit.
  • The suit is finished by hand

With the difference between MTM and Bespoke being this subtle, it’s no surprise that MTM is a very popular option, bearing in mind it costs significantly less than a bespoke suit (as it takes up less tailoring time) and it can be finished faster (a particular advantage for a groom if the wedding plans are running behind schedule).

For some customers, only bespoke will do, but whichever your choice, MTM or Bespoke, you’ll end up with a very special, individual suit that will be admired and worn for years to come.

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